Un vélo à boîte de vitesse automatique pilotée par un smartphone

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Un prototype de boîte de vitesse automatique gérée par un smartphone a été testé avec succès sur un vélo de route. Le mobile détermine le bon plateau et le bon pignon, réglés pour offrir au cycliste les meilleurs rendement et confort possibles. Cambridge Consultants a développé ce système.

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  1. E7I think there must be a varition in build quatily, shame that. My E7 power button is easy to use and the screen raising/clam shell mechanism is smooth and easy to use. The metal body of the E7 is no different to the N8 and that model has sold in large volumes and I have not seen any commentary on the long term issues with its use but I suspect most people will use a case. The Symbian OS is not that great especially given the E7 has a slow 680 Mhz CPU. But Opera runs really well, only slightly slower than the Android browser on the HTC Desire. What I would say is that for call quatily (important for business) I have heard one reviewer say that the E7 is the best he has used. As you know I have a iPad and 2-3 Anroid phones. I will still be using the E7 as my main business phone as it has great call quatily and push email.

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