iPhone 4S VS Galaxy Nexus : test du meilleur Smartphone

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iPhone 4S VS Galaxy Nexus

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  1. great comparison, but the nexus is now sooo much better with jelly bean
    it may even beat the s3 for some people

  2. Guess who’s Getting a Galaxy Nexus for Simple Mobile in a few weeks? Thats right, ME


  3. Thema nexus is actually faster than the 4s……not by MHz Ort anything but my friend has the 4s and I have The nexus and Websites, Video and games run more smoothly on the nexus. Plus you dont need to convert Videos Tor mp4 ^^

  4. I got an iphone 4s from sprint not to long ago because it was cheap. I figure ill wait another year and then get whatever iphone or android available in that point in time

  5. The Apple Lisa stole all of it’s ideas from the Xerox machine lol, everything’s a remix so relax and enjoy choosing what works best for you k? ^-^

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