Comment changer les typos sur votre Smartphone Samsung Galaxy Y

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Comment changer les typos sur votre Smartphone Androïd Samsung Galaxy Y

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  1. yeah je vais de ce pas écrire à ma copine coréenne !
    bon on blague mais de temps en temps s’éloigner des sempiternelles polices par défaut c’est pas mal.

    • If your service erpxie, you will lose your phone number and there is no penalty fee. You have to upload a new phone card before the service erpxie. Length of the service days depend on your card. If you get the 60minute card, that is good for three months (the last time i checked).I haven’t got any spam texts except for texts from Tracfone. You will get update on your phone card texts from Tracfone 2-3 times a month. Its true that you cannot disable texting I hope this helps

  2. Just watch the news. Read the reviews: PlayBook May Never Recover, RIM Playbook gets bsaetld by reviewers, Playbook Could Force Drastic Measures For RIM. lol This Playbook will be a total disaster for RIM. And you know what I will take pleasure in watching that disaster happen because RIM doesn’t get it. they don’t get it at all and they need to have a drastic change of management. They need to hire people who can make the difference between crap and good stuff.

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