Déballage du Nokia Lumia 920 (Windows Phone 8)

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Déballage du Nokia Lumia 920 (Windows Phone 8)

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  1. My Nokia Lumia 920 battery life has been approx 40hours after I followed Nokias advices to do some easy changes to the settings and I have still the 1st firmware/OS in use – new firmware/OS update will improve battery life also. Search help with these words: « How can I prolong my battery life on my Nokia phone? – Nokia FAQ ». I have been very satisfied for my Nokia Lumia 920 after 6 weeks use – it is no doubt the best smartphone at this moment.

  2. 920 is still not available in Indian market. From where did you get one with Indian warranty?

  3. Depends on your usage and taste. We would go for Android but sometimes when the device itself has great hardware and specs then we can bend down to windows os too.

  4. ….i’m gonna buy a new phone by march this year…nd i will keep tht for more than 2-3 years…but.windows phone r not in trend now a days so would it be gud to buy a windows phone?.give me best options….affordable price_upto 10,000 rs

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