HTC 8X Windows Phone – smartphone for T-Mobile

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HTC 8X Windows Phone – smartphone for T-Mobile

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  1. I had actually planned to do a number this past week or so, but a family member has been in the hospital for two weeks and my wife or I have been there daily. Add in a young child, and there’s just been no time, I’m afraid.

  2. Michael you are a very good reviewer. Your work is appreciated! Regarding this phone I really liked it on paper but I heard about bad battery life and mediocre camera results. I think the design is great but there is something missing with this phone. I still think Windows 8 phone has yet to see its perfect introductory device. Bizarrely I think the Chinese might do it with Huawei or ZTE

  3. I just ordered a Nokia Lumia 822, which also runs Windows Phone 8. You tried it or plan on it?

  4. windows Phone 8 does support micro sd cards. its an htc 8x
    flaw. lumia 820 had a micro sd card slot , so does the htc 8s

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