DROID DNA par HTC – L’ultime Smartphone

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DROID DNA par HTC – L’ultime Smartphone

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  1. Please I beg you HTC. Please bring this phone to Europe! Im dying to get one! I cant wait any longer 🙁

  2. Is this speculation, or have you tried both of those networks? If so, for how long. And how slow are they really…?? Just 5 seconds more?

    I hate contracts… Hence my preference in Virgin, Boost, or Cricket. Plus, if you didn’t know… Boost is owned and run by Sprint via their towers. And I don’t recall who Virgin piggybacks off of, but I believe it’s one of the big networks like Verizon, T-Mobile, or maybe even Sprint.

  3. The Price is 199 with two year contract. It will be released on November 21 in america on Verizon

  4. A 2 year contract is kind of like a deal with a phone carrier
    if you stay with that carrier for 2 years you get a discount on a phone.
    normally a phone cost 600-800$, but if you apply for a contract it will
    cost you usually around 199$. if you are young and want to know more
    i would ask your parents or have them ask a carrier (at&t,tmobile,sprint, verizon)
    how it works.
    i dont think it will only be sold in america,
    they usually have an international version you can buy off of contract. (:

  5. I will do my best so that i can gain money to buy one of this phone. i think a have a talent in inventing and i will use it so that i can buy one of this phone.i know a site that can help me with this new dream of mine..interested? ask for my email quz i need you to vote for my invention.i wish your interested best of luck

  6. I’ve Got a few Complaints/Suggestions, I like HTC feel that they make the Best quality Phones
    1: This phones are big, so we/I use them to watch videos and Movies, (sometimes with friends in the out doors) so Why not introduce a stand (think they did that before HTC HD7 & HTC EVO 4G LTE) so one doesnt have to hold the phone in your hand while watching
    2: on My HTC one X, when typing, the language options, the drop down/up menu was better, now i have to press a certain language and if i overpress

  7. 3: HTC is not so Popular like in my Country Namibia (Southern Africa) its hard getting hold of, not to mention covers and screen protectors, So why not let some of these accessories come with the phone!
    4: HTC Marketing really sucks, its such a great phone, yet nobody knows about it!

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