Asus PadFone 2 combine tablette & smartphone

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  1. Ok So first of all samsung like those crappy amoled screens on there phones. Does not matter LCD’s are better and it is a fact. People want better more vivid colors and screen that show’s blacks ok and whites as white is better veiwing angels. And yes it is a fact. Compare the iphone’s screen with the s3’s.Compare the Vivid’s screen to the s2 compare mostly any HTC phone’s screen to a Samsung’s And you can see how much better LCD’s are.

  2. LCD’s are not better. They have ghosting and undersaturated colors, and their black levels are no good. No matter what you say, it’s not better than AMOLED. The only reason colors are over saturated is because the blue OLED is not as strong, so they have to tweak it, but then blues look over saturated, so they have to calibrate it to match. You can root your phone and adjust the colors and it would look WAAAY better than an LCD screen. I haven’t once seen an LCD screen better than AMOLED.

  3. Also, have you ever considered the contrast being important? The contrast is more than 3 times as high than on an LCD screen, meaning less washed out detail. When comparing an LCD, even a Super IPS 2 + compared to a Super Amoled HD plus on the note 2, colors have an overall greyish tint to them on the LCD compared to the AMOLED. Response time is an area where AMOLED kicks its ass. AMOLED currently has the fastest response time of any screen and LCD has the slowest so there’s no motion blurring.

  4. So does a person taking pictures with or trying to do « work » on an iPad. …or constantly flipping between the iPhone and the iPad like a hopped-up cat following a laser pointer dot as the woman who sat across from me on the train did the other day.

  5. seriously im asian but i definitely speak better than that ! that’s just nasty ! i didn’t understand a thing !

  6. I have a question, I need a tablet, should I buy the padfone 2 or not? Is it mainly focused on people who need a new phone or tablet? Or doesn’t it matter?

  7. Nope. The highest an LCD has is 2 milliseconds. AMOLED screens have 10 MICROSECONDS, which is 1 hundredth of a millisecond.

  8. Read the description. He’s an editor with CNET Asia. I guess everyone’s just supposed to be able to speak perfect English, regardless of where they are in the world?

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